Sensing & Control EnControl IoT Platform

Sensing & Control EnControl IoT Platform

EnControl is a white label B2B product by Sensing & Control Systems providing a smart home solution.

At a glance, EnControl has four main functions:

  • Comfort * Security
  • Energy Management
  • Automation

Users of EnControl are able to monitor and control remotely their homes & business using smartphones or any device running internet browsers like tablets or PCs.

EnControl can be divided into three main components, (i) home devices, (ii) IoT Platform and (iii) graphical user interfaces.

At home level, EnControl is composed by (i) end devices (sensors and actuators) and (ii) home controller (Gateway). The gateway supports communication using different protocols, but mostly uses ZWAVE radio technology for the communication of off-the-shelve end devices and home controller.

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