Orthopedic rehabilitation

Automatic indoor garbage detection using machine learning algorithms

Multi-parameter door security system with embedded and IoT systems

CPSOsAware- NS3 Simulator Integration Demostration

Car Real Time IoT Data Logger

Face Up - Driver fatigue monitoring application.

Virtual Tour Using Augmented Reality

Social Distancing Applicaton

AMBIENT ASSISTED LIVING HOUSE: Zacharias & Alexandra - The story

Balance Assessment System: Part I

Balance Assessment System: Part II

Searching objects in physical space - Horizon 2020 RADIO

Object Recognition with Machine Learning

Hardware Accelerator - Horizon 2020 RADIO

Horizon 2020 RADIO @ FHAG

Research Project Horizon 2020 RADIO

Support of elders’ daily activities

Ambient Assisted Living House

Wireless sensor networks, technologies & platforms

ATLAS Platform: Part I

ATLAS Platform: Part II

Localization services

Embedded hardware design

Robotic arm made of wood and fishing line